Dette Må Være Stedet (This Must Be the Place)

A short documentary film about Gert, a Danish man of the sea and yogi.

In the West we have, somewhere along the way, seemingly lost our Elders. This film came from an intention to find everyday elders, not necessarily the top of any field or industry, but who have lived lives of interest through the lens of awareness. People who have some wisdom to share about different aspects, from the general such as Love, Money, Family, Sex, Work, Death, to very personal themes. 

70 year old Gert, a perfect subject, was introduced through a friend Mira, who collaborated with me on this project. We hear some of his tales, family life, and perspectives on his own mortality as he approaches last years.

The film has been acquired for exclusive screening rights by Aeon Film. View here

The intention is to make a series of films around this concept. Please get in touch via the Contact page if you would like to receive updates on this project or would like to nominate a subject for a film.

Thank you.