Me and My Third Eye

A feature documentary exploring meditation, ayahuasca shamanism and spiritual awakening.

(In Post Production)

We began shooting in 2011 with Dan, when he began to have visionary experiences during meditation.

So began a journey, exploring the worlds of meditation and ayahuasca shamanism, taking us across the UK and Spain.

We look at themes such as the resurgence of psychedelics, society, consciousness, as well as the work and writings of Carl Jung, Alan Watts, Stanislav Grof, and have intimate access to the personal experiences of Dan and how his relationships with friends, family and colleagues unfold.

Peppered with the commonly experienced pitfalls of delusion and spiritual materialism, we want to present an honest and grounded account of a man's awakening to self-knowledge, that treats these delicate subjects sensitively and artistically.

Interviews in the film include:

  • Prof. Christopher French (Goldsmiths University, London)
  • Dr. David Luke (University of Greenwich)
  • Dr. Ben Sessa MD
  • Dr. Masaru Emoto

We will shortly be running a Kickstarter style crowd funding campaign to raise funds to complete the film. Please sign up to receive updates.